• Ema // BREW Barista

    Ema // BREW Barista
    We had sunshine filled conversation with Ema in Nida resort. She is an authentic and colourful persona, our barista at BREW, currently serving coffee in Nida behind the BREW bike . She is an inspiration when it comes to work ethic, finding passions and sharing knowledge. Sunshine and waves directed our conversation towards her experiences about traveling, her hobbies and of course, reasons why she loves coffee craft.
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  • Monika // BREW Nida

    Monika // BREW Nida
    Monika Juchnevičiūtė – meet the sunshine in a person form. She is curious, full of joy and love. Monika is passionate about the Barista craft and serving people with an extra touch of kindness. Hope you have a great read, and don’t forget to visit our coffee bicycle in Nida.
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  • Ieva Marija // BREW Team Lead

    Ieva Marija // BREW Team Lead

    Ieva Marija Blažytė is inquisitive, tenderhearted, detail-oriented and extremely valued BREW family member. She started as a Barista Assistant, from setting everything up in the early mornings and ended up as a Team Leader at Pylimo coffee shop.

    Today we sat down for a recap of 3 years spent working behind the bar. Many tears of gratefulness were shed trough this conversation, as she is embarking on a journey to explore her potential in different waters, but we are happy to know she loved her time spent here.

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  • Andželika // BREW Manager

    Andželika // BREW Manager

    Andželika Jokubauskaitė is a passionate coffee lover, she started as a barista behind the bar, but now she is a roaster and a manager at BREW, counting sixth year in this company.

    Most importantly though – a lover of connection, for her, coffee indeed is a way to connect. In this conversation, she shares about the challenges of finding her style of leadership, amid questions and answers on how to do it in her unique way. The beautiful art of creating an atmosphere where people want to come back, and finding a balance between the job she adores, and the challenge of finding time to recharge after you give it your best.

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