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Monika // BREW Nida

Monika Vilutytė
Monika // BREW Nida

Monika Juchnevičiūtė – meet the sunshine in a person form. She is curious, full of joy and love. Monika is passionate about the Barista craft and serving people with an extra touch of kindness. Hope you have a great read, and don’t forget to visit our coffee bicycle in Nida.

I invited you to share with me about your comeback, and why you enjoy being a barista. You’ve worked in Pylimo BREW bar, had a break, and now you are back to work with us in Nida. Tell me a little bit what encouraged you to come back?

I was inspired to come back because I love our team, and having a chance to spend more time with these great people by the sea sounds like bliss. It‘s a chance for us as a team to be even closer, almost like a family. I know that foundation of BREW is friendships. Knowing that I can make quality cup of coffee in Nida where people can relax and relish each moment. Also, being with friends I enjoy spending every minute – that‘s 3 things that brought me back.

What is so special about Nida for you personally, that makes you want to keep coming back?

That is a question which you cannot really answer using words. But, trying my best, I would say that when you go back to Nida, you come back to yourself as well. You feel aligned, heart body and soul. Like universe itself is smiling at you, while you are there. Feels like home to my soul. It‘s simply a magical place.

That sounds like an invitation for people to visit us there! I know you are also passionate about the Barista craft itself. Tell me, what does it represent to you?

The strongest association for me is the “professional look”. Watching a barista behind the bar is almost like watching a performance of coffee making. I think that’s one of the first things you spot after going into coffee shop and looking at the menu. Barista creates part of the experience, and the first impression of the coffee shop. Secondly, the knowledge. Knowing about coffee you are making, why is it special, how can you brew the best cup out of it. Even the story behind it, for yourself and customers who are curious. 

Also, confidence. I think you look professional when you are confident in your knowledge and abilities.

Do you have aspirations in learning more about coffee? What qualifications seem interesting to you?

I remember going to Vilnius Coffee Festival to watch coffee championship in 2020 before the quarantine happened. Watching Baristas compete blew me away. Latte art, cupping, baristas who make a whole performance with their signature drinks… that just goes to show how intricate barista craft is. It can be so much more than just a cup of coffee.

So in trying to answer your question – everything makes me curious. If I get a chance, I want to know at least a little bit about everything and as deeply as I can while I am still behind the bar.

What character qualities seem important to you, being a barista behind the bar?

After being professional, having inner confidence and peace seems important to me. When you are peaceful, it’s easier to pay attention to every detail, to spot little things. You are aware of everything, you remember things clearly and it all goes smoother. After that, it’s joy. Make it fun, for you and your customers, that creates part of the customer experience. 

You’ve been a customer of BREW before you became a barista here. How did you find BREW and why you personally wanted to come back here?

Well I have a cousin Dominykas who that told me about BREW, and he always had a good experience here. What brought me to love this place was the staff. I am that customer who cannot choose quickly, I may even take half an hour. (giggles) Every time I came to BREW, I spotted that no matter what I asked about coffee, baristas would answer every question with enthusiasm. That made me love this place not only for dessert and good coffee, but the human connection itself. I felt safe here.  

What would you wish for our customers who are reading the interview?

This team gave me a sense of belonging both as for a customer and a collegue. So, I would wish for people to experience that who You are is enough. I always felt like a fountain of everything and nothing. Telling jokes I only laughed at myself. I felt odd, but  BREW team showed me I was enough the way I am.. That inspired me to grow and be even better. I do it out of love for others and myself, rather than changing out of fear of not being good enough. 

So I wish for You to be in spaces where You feel this way.

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